VERUM'S mission is to offer the world's best healthy, natural cannabidiol (CBD) alternative –
– to help people avoid the use of costly, expensive, addictive and destructive opioids, narcotics, medical marijuana, and prescription and over-the-counter drugs; and to create the opportunity--for those willing to share (sample) VERUM GOLD with others – to achieve financial independence.


Rod Smith

Rod Smith, CEO and Director, has extensive experience specializing in business start-ups and technology development, including, most recently, his two years in creating transformation assets, including the Health Merchant® digital platform and patented Living Produce® vertical growing technology in Green PolkaDot Box, a company he founded in January 2008.

Mr. Smith is a dynamic entrepreneurial management strategist with a 25+ year record of achievement. He has demonstrated success driving growth while providing leadership in highly competitive markets. Mr. Smith is skilled in capital formation and successfully took a private company public. Former President and Founder of InContact (1996 – 2001), NASDAQ listed (“SAAS”), which recently sold for $900 million, was one of the first companies in the world to establish an online billing user interface. InContact offered a variety of voice and data services while establishing one of the nation’s largest independent agency networks.

A foundation for Mr. Smith's recent business achievements and success was developed, first, in network marketing when he became a Blue Diamond Executive distributor for Nu Skin International. It was there that Smith learn the fundamentals of success in marketing and business lie in giving consumers what they want at the best value. He has always believed that if a consumer can't justify spending again and again on a product or service, then there is no business opportunity. Accordingly, Mr. Smith brings his vision for a great, enduring company, a unique philosophy to attract consumer loyalty, and years of tried and tested make VERUM a legacy for entrepreneurs who are searching for the perfect business model.

Jeffrey L Nilsson

Jeffrey L Nilsson, Chief Financial Officer/Operations, graduated from Brigham Young University with a Masters of Accountancy degree and spent 11-years working with Arthur Andersen, a large international accounting firm. Mr. Nilsson then spent approximately 20-years in the telecommunications industry holding positions in finance, operations and customer service, including Director of Finance and VP of Finance with AT&T Wireless Services and VP Finance/CFO, Director Customer Services/Operations and VP Customer Services with XO Communications.

Over the last 6 years, Jeff has been in the not-for-profit area, holding positions in business planning, project management and human resources.

Mr. Nilsson has a very broad background in business at multiple levels and has been a financial consultant to many individuals and businesses throughout his career. He brings to VERUM a rare set of hands on management skills and wisdom well-suited to his dual role to oversee Strategic Planning and Operations during our Company's infancy.

Jeffrey L Nilsson

Lawrence Loh, Director Pacific Rim
Mr. Loh is an established executive and direct selling expert. He is charged with developing an international development strategy to drive the VERUM wave of global expansion. Lawrence has spent the past 22 years developing international markets for leading US direct selling corporations.

Prior to Longevity Wellness, he developed the international business for a major direct seller of nutritional supplements. Under his leadership, the company entered 11 markets and international sales grew to represent over 40% of total corporate revenues. Mr. Loh has helped build distribution networks in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. He is passionate about utilizing the direct selling model to make a positive difference in the world. Lawrence has access of over 400,000 distributors in seven Asian Countries and a strong network in the US.

David Allen

David Allen, PhD, Chairman of Scientific Affairs, is a visionary and wellness futurist focusing on the next generation of science based dietary supplements, preventive healthcare, stress management, botanical research and the social psychology of the worldwide health and wellness revolution.

Dr. Allen believes that the future of wellness, human health and improved longevity will be based on five game-changing technologies, 1) nanotechnology 2) biotechnology 3) information technology, 4) neuro technology and 5) quantum technology. These trends will transform our civilization for the Next 5, 10, and 20 years. It was Dr. Allen who brought VERUM GOLD and inspired the formation of our company. He has a rare understanding of emerging products and the potential opportunities that will serve VERUM and its Merchants for years to come.

David has more than 25 years of experience in management, research/product development, technical/regulatory affairs, product oriented clinical research, sales promotion/marketing, and public speaking. David Allen attended the University of Michigan. He was publisher of the Health Street Journal, a national wellness oriented magazine and is well known for his work with overweight, obesity, and metabolic syndrome disorders. David was the founder of a direct sales company with over 100 employees that did $100 million in sales over a three year period while serving as President and CEO.

Dr. Allen has promoted his Seven Steps to High Level Wellness throughout the country and is considered by many people to be one of America’s Wellness Pioneers. David has developed a value web network of influential people in various nations during the course of his many life journeys in education, philosophy, science and business.

Barbara Allen

Barbara Allen, Director of Merchant and Customer Care, , is a wellness expert, leadership trainer, effective problem solver, with over two decades of experience in the dietary supplement industry, direct sales, administration, customer services, and fiscal management. Barbara has a deep belief that leadership is a matter of character,leadership is a matter of how to be, not how to do it.”

Barbara attended the University of Cincinnati and Wright State University in Ohio. She is also a Wellness Educator and Touch for Health Instructor and an authority on Women’s Health and Nutrition. Barbara spent three years assisting Maesimund B. Panos, MD, one of the world’s foremost Homeopathic Physicians. Barbara lectures on empowering women to achieve their maximum potential, whole food plant based nutrition, osteoporosis prevention and reversal, hormonal balance throughout life and many other topics related to Women’s Health Issues. Barbara and, her husband, David Allen have worked with Nutritional/Food industries in Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, England, Poland, Canada, France, China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, Mexico, Israel and the United States.



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James S. Turner, JD, FDA and FTC Counsel

James S. Turner, Attorney (member of the District of Columbia Bar) is a partner in the law firm of Swankin & Turner in Washington, DC. Following graduation from the The Ohio State University College of Law in June 1969, Mr. Turner came to Washington to join Ralph Nader in founding the Center for the Study of Responsive Law. During the period 1968-1971, Mr. Turner worked with Mr. Nader and supervised Nader Reports on the FDA and the National Institutes of Mental Health and a study of children and the food industry. He wrote The Chemical Feast: the Nader Report on the food and Drug Administration. He has participated in regulatory and legislative activity affecting the Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Agriculture, National Institutes of Health, the Federal Trade Commission and other regulatory and administrative agencies. He represented a coalition of organic farmers in lobbying for passage of the Organic Food Production Act of 1990.

Mr. Turner served on the US Department of State Advisory committee on International Investment and has traveled extensively on State Department projects. He has served as special counsel to the US Senate Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs and the Senate Subcommittee on Government Reorganization and Government research, and on advisory committees at the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Energy. Mr. Turner is the president of the National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy, a nonprofit organization that conducts research, publishing and demonstration programs in urban agriculture and food policy.

Yaguang Liu, PhD

Dr. Liu Yaguang is the founder of L.Y. Research Corporation located in New Jersey. He received thirty (35) of U.S. patents of pure and safe natural botanicals, used for treatment of cancer and cardiovascular and other diseases. Dr. Liu has extensive experience in dealing with the U.S. FDA in the IND application process, clinical studies and the whole process of developing new drugs, including botanical drugs in the United States. He also has close contacts with major U.S. research institutions and pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Liu was born and educated in the People’s Republic of China. He graduated from Fudan University, Shanghai and had been a visiting Professor at the Department of Medicine of the University of Chicago. He established the Molecular Medicine Institute in China and was a director of this institute. He has authored four books: (1) An Investigation of the Combined Theories of Chinese and Western Medicines from the Angle of Molecular Biology; (2) Molecular Biology in Heart Disease; (3) Principles of Theoretical Medicine; and (4) Natural Science and the Theory of Chinese Medicine. He has published scientific papers in several national and international medical and pharmaceutical meetings, including: Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Society (San Diego, U.S.), 9th Lorne Cancer Conference (Victoria, Australia), American Chemical Society Meeting (Boston, U.S.), Conference of the American Association for Cancer Research and the Japanese Cancer Association (Hawaii, U.S.).

Vladimir Badmaev, MD, PhD

Dr. Vladimir Badmaev Jr. received his MD (1975) and PhD (1978) degrees from the Medical Academy Bialystok (AMB), Poland. His PhD was earned in Immunopharmacology with a doctoral thesis entitled: The effect of Listeria monocytogenes lipids on immune response to T-dependent and T-independent antigens. His additional training in clinical and anatomical pathology was completed at Kings County Hospital and Downstate Medical Center, New York (1982-1985). He is the author or coauthor of over 70 scientific and popular scientific articles, thirteen books, thirteen US and International patents and nine successful Investigational New Drug (IND) applications with the FDA. The lifelong goal of Dr. Badmaev is to establish Indo-Tibetan medicine as a permanent element in the health care education and health care delivery systems in the West. He established the Badmaev Natural Drug Foundation in 1985, where he serves as President. Dr. Badmaev also established and is President at American Medical Holdings, Inc., dedicated to the manufacture of Dr. Badmaev Tradition formulas and developing natural and synthetic pharmaceuticals which he terms "Interactive nutrients."

John Fleming, Direct Selling Consultant

John was co-founder and publisher of the most respected industry trade journal supporting the direct selling industry called the Direct Selling News. John worked for Avon Products for 16 years and served as Vice President. Avon has over 10,000 + employees and is the world’s largest direct selling company with revenue of $11.3 billion in 2011. John is a visionary leader who inspires his teams to outstanding results. Despite his long and impressive track record of success, he carries himself with modesty and humility. He never stops looking for ways to innovate and improve. Best of all, he is generous and public with praise; discreet in handling problems.

David Holker, Pacific Rim Consultant

Dave Holker has an Associate’s degree in Business Management from Ricks College (BYU Idaho), and received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in Mandarin Chinese from Brigham Young University. In August of 1994, Dave Holker founded Pacific Rim Connections http:// and in 1997 he founded Asia Head Hunter Dave has consulted for a number of Network Marketing Companies with a focus on International Expansion /Management Consulting, specializing in Asia for American Companies. Since Founding Pacific Rim Connections Inc. in 1994, he has worked with over Sixty Five MLM / Network Marketing Companies in all phases of their business. Some large and well established companies to many new start-ups.

A partial list of these companies includes—Forever Living Products, Sunrider, Mannatech, Nature Sunshine Products, 21st Century Nutriceuticals, Enrich, Destiny Telecom, Hope International, Healing Am., Unicity, Body Extreme, Nature Rich, Idayo Indicator, Ztel, Sheffield Resource Network, Alpha Trade, TWI, Dr. Nona Int., Komodo, Enliven/Kyani, Zus Health, BioNovix, Maakoa, Veaya Global, Wake Up Now, Qivana, LPGN, and eXfuze. Int. In December 2004 Dave took a position for Enliven International as Vice President of Sales/Marketing with a special focus on Asia. He Opened offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Korea, and Australia and took the company from monthly sales of around $475,000.00 to just under $3,800,000.00 in (14) months.