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#1 with Over 90% Bioavailability!

VERUM GOLD is the best in the world in absorption;
up to 20-times more than most common CBD.

#1 in Lowest Effective Cost per CBD milligram

Even at the full retail price, VERUM GOLD costs only 23¢ per effective milligram that actually reaches the bloodstream; at least 10X less than the closest competitor.

#1 in Stability with Zero Degradation

VERUM GOLD's nano size self assembling, structured liquid is 100% water soluble; it suffers zero degradation in the stomach.

#1 in Scientific Documentation

VERUM GOLD is the ONLY nutraceutical CBD in the world that offers empirical scientific evidence, based on preclinical trials, to prove its Bioavailability and Stability claims.

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