VERUM GOLD, a pure crystalline CBD,
is scientifically proven to be up to 20X more bioavailable
than most common and conventional CBD.
That means faster, better relief at the lowest
"effective cost" per CBD milligram
than you can find anywhere else!

Simply the Best!


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#1 with Over 90% Bioavailability!

VERUM GOLD is the best in the world in absorption;
up to 20-times more than most common CBD.

#1 in Lowest Effective Cost
per CBD milligram

Even at the full retail price, VERUM GOLD costs only 23¢ per effective milligram that actually reaches the bloodstream; at least 10X less than the closest competitor.

#1 in Stability with Zero Degradation

VERUM GOLD's nano size self assembling, structured liquid is 100% water soluble; it suffers zero degradation in the stomach.

#1 in Scientific Documentation

VERUM GOLD is the ONLY nutraceutical CBD in the world that offers empirical scientific evidence, based on preclinical trials, to prove its Bioavailability and Stability claims.

$54.95 Includes $15 OFF

30 - soft gel servings make
it convenient for you to get
fast relief. (Best Value)

$93.50 Includes $26.45 OFF

24 - two servings blister packs
are easy for travel or sharing
with others.

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VERUM GOLD is crystalline CBD in its purest, most concentrated
form... but structured in a way to make it the most bioavailable, too;
at the lowest EFFECTIVE COST per CBD milligram, which
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B. Williams

“I've been on Tylenol III for years
trying to manage the pain
I have from an auto accident.
But now, because of VERUM GOLD
I'm drug free! It really works!"

K. Warner

"VERUM GOLD helps me completely
manage my anxiety--a problem I haven't
been able to fix for years without
medication. It's really helped me cope well.
Now I feel like I can handle anything!"

J. Gail

"Getting a good night's sleep has been
impossible for me until VERUM GOLD.
Five hours has been extended to eight hours
of deep sleep! I never thought I'd get a good
night sleep again unless I took sleeping pills."